Forex Trading Signals - A Free Signal For Huge Gains in 5 Minutes a Day Or Less!

You will see lots of Forex trading signal services advertised online and the fact is most of them lose money. Here we will look at free Forex signal the pros use and you can too and it makes huge gains long term.
The signal, we are going to look at here is called the 4 Week Rule and it's credited to one fo the greatest traders of all time Richard Donchian; he used it to trade commodities and currencies in the late 1970's and the signal has worked for over a quarter of a century and still works today, lets take a look at it.
There is only one rule, you need to use to generate the trading signal and here it is:
Buy a breakout to a new 4 week high and hold the position; as soon as a new 4 week low is hit, take out the long position and go short and then simply reverse your position, as new 4 week highs and happen, so you always keep an open position in the market.
The above is simple and should only take you 5 minutes a day per currency pair and while it looks to simple to work, test it and you will see it makes tons of money long term. All the best forex signals and are simple and robust and this one could not be simpler.
The signal is based upon the fact that markets trend long term and as most savvy traders know, all big trends start and continue from breaks to new highs or lows.
This simple system is robust and based on timeless logic and you can use it right now, in your Forex trading strategy to make bigger profits.
Its not often you get something for free which can make money - but this free Forex trading signal does so try it and see for yourself.
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